Teen Room Makeover Part 1: DIY Tufted Headboard

So my daughter turned 13 this year (officially a TEENager! Gah!). And one of the things she wanted for her birthday (along with mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, ya know, the essentials) was a more grown up bedroom. We had painted her room BRIGHT GREEN when we first bought the house not quite a year ago because that was the color she HAD TO HAVE.
Even in the closet. Just, whatever.
 We also painted her attached bathroom turquoise because green and turquoise should always be together. Again, whatever.
But that was when she was 12.
She's 13 now. 

So, we just MUST paint her room a mature color. Again. Including the closet - which, I'm just going to go on record saying that I no longer paint closets. I, in fact, QUIT all jobs from this point forward that require closet painting. Just don't even ask me to do it because I QUIT. Closets should just stay whatever color they are till the end of time.
The only satisfaction I can truly say I got from all this painting of the closets is that she admitted, like, in person, to me afterwards that I was right and she should have listened to me the first time when I said you probably won't always want your closets painted BRIGHT GREEN so it might be a good idea NOT to paint them? To which she responded with "I want my closet BRIGHT GREEN!"
Whatever. She's still a unicorn. I mean, what teenage girl tells her mother she's right?
So, in addition to painting her room, she also wanted to update her furniture and bedding, including a new headboard. So, we poured thru Pinterest looking for ideas and decided to make a tufted headboard. Now, I've never made a tufted headboard before. I've made cushions and I've done some upholstery type stuff, but a tufted headboard...

Sure! Why not!
So, here's what we did. We got a large piece of plywood (I had Home Depot cut it down to the size I needed) and my handy husband jig-sawed the shape at the top.

I then laid it on the foam and batting (cut to size) and stapled all of that to the back.

Then stapled the fabric to the back. The corners were tricky, but well, who cares. As long as it looks good from the front.
Now, the tufting!

My handy husband had a great idea to use washers and large screws so the fabric wouldn't rip through. I had googled all the different ways to make the tufting and we even tried a few other ways, only to have the fabric tear.

His idea worked perfect and created a nice deep tufted area around each washer.


My daughter wanted some bling on the headboard so she picked out these crystal thingies to go on top of the washers.

We just hot glued those suckers!
Perfect! (Except where it's not perfect, but hey, from here it looks perfect!)
And here's how it looks on the wall! I love it so much I'm going to make one for our bed! We made a hanger for it using some screws and wire so it hangs kind of like a picture from the back, but is flush with the wall.
We had some foam and fabric left over so we recovered an old wood chest she had to match.
Just took the top off the hinges and stapled the foam, batting, and fabric on the back just like we did the headboard, cutting out a small square area where the hinges were. Reattached the hinges and now it's a great little sitting spot by her bed...for her cat.  
Aside from painting some furniture, creating a reading nook in her closet using old cabinets, and updating some of her wall art, the only other 'crafty' project we worked on was updating her lamp. We were going to spray paint it with a glittery gold paint, but it didn't cover the black. So, rather than toss it and buy a new one, we decided to add trim to it and make it more feminine.

Trim + hot glue gun + clip on hair bow = brand new (not new) lamp!

We also added another one of the crystal thingies to the bow to match the crystal thingies in the headboard.

Yay! We did it! And she's happy with it so that's what matters. Well, that and the fact that her closet is no longer BRIGHT GREEN.
Now to find a swinging chair to hang from the ceiling!

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