Kitchen Renovation Part 1

So, we decided to renovate the kitchen. This, unlike the bathroom renovation, was planned. However, what we didn't plan or anticipate was just how much harder, longer, and more expensive it would be.
It all started with this wall. 
Around the corner on the right is the living room.
Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh we can't see the living room from the kitchen!
I know, first world problems.

But seriously, see the wall? It's dividing EVERYTHING!

Taking down the wall of course, also meant redoing the floors...
So, we paused here for about 7 days while my handy husband slaved over jackhammers, tiles, saws, glue, wood, and really sore knees.  Meanwhile, I continued to remove drywall, cabinets and um, the countertops?
Sure! Why not!

But why stop there?!
 Well, I'll tell you why.
Because we ran into more rotted wood (remember the bathroom nightmare?)

Well, it seems all the wet areas in this older home are full of lovely leaks. This one was apparently from the dishwasher and had pretty much annihilated the sink cabinet. It turned to sawdust when we tried to move it. So, my handy husband had to stop what he was doing and run to Home Depot and pick up another sink cabinet.

Once he got that installed, he had to build a frame to hold the cast iron sink.
Well, we've never installed under mount farm sinks before. Or built under cabinet mounts for them.
So, we paused here for a few more days to figure it all out.

Once we got the sink supports completed we made an attempt to attach the new sink cabinet to the old cabinet next to it.
And discovered it was rotted as well.
So, the man went BACK to Home Depot and picked up more cabinets.
Multiply this experience a few more times and we were finally ready to do the sink and countertops.

Butcher block counter tops went in fast. This was about the only project at this point that seemed to go as planned or expected. Oh, and note the new sink and faucet my handyman installed! We did a little research and ended up buying both of these online. These projects were a nice diversion from some of the other more, um, tedious, tasks involved in this reno.
Oh, who am I kidding...this was tedious as well, just in a less annoying way.
But hey, at least the floors look nice!
Wait, is that an electrical cord hanging where the wall used to be?

Why yes, it is.
Remember that wall that started it all?
Well, after we removed the drywall and some of the support beams we realized it was a load bearing wall.
So, we built a temporary support wall and paused here for about a week getting estimates and trying to figure out what our next move was.
Boy was THAT fun!

A round of estimates to the tune of around $5000 to put in a support header helped us plan our next move.

And call for help.
My brother just happened to be in town that weekend so late one night we offered him free beer and a roaring good time installing a support beam.

And by golly, those boys got that sucker UP!
Beer is a powerful motivator.
It was a proud moment.
And saved us a ton of money!
My handy man then spent several more nights trying to figure out all the electrical.

But LOOK! We can see into the living room from the kitchen now!

And only 9 hours of drywall later...
 This part of the reno was DONE!
Stay tuned for Part 2!

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