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It's been a while since I posted an update on what we're reading. We started our library days back up again a few months ago, then the holidays hit and we ended up moving (again! - but for good this time!) and are just now starting to see a new routine take shape in terms of school and library days.

Sorta. More on that later.

Anyway, my 12yo and I both got a stack of books for Christmas because, well, we both get a little jittery when we're about to finish a book and don't have another one ready to go. In fact, I don't feel completely secure unless I have a stack of about 6 or so ready to read.

So, here are some of our recent stacks:

I finished all of Sharon Kay Penman's books recently, and I have to say these are absolute treasures! I love love love these books. So much so that it's inspired me to look into a whole new career path (ya know, that awesome one I'm going to have just as soon as my most awesome wonderful kids move out, get jobs, support themselves, etc!)
I've always had an interest in medieval studies. In fact, my masters thesis in grad school was about Beowful, but at the time my focus was more on 18th century lit. After reading Penman's books, as well as a few others, I can see that focus shifting more to the 12th and 13th centuries. I have a few ideas of where to take this...we'll see how it goes! For now, I'm taking an online college course thru the University of Leicester in England on the Reign of Richard III. It's a free course, but I'm hoping it will lead to something more um, accredited?
Moving on...
Since I exhausted all of Penman's books (sob) I've had to move on to another series. I chose Elizabeth Chadwick. Her books are mostly only sold in the UK so I wasn't able to find any of her earlier books at the library or at Half Price Books, so I've resorted to buying them on Amazon. I've finished up most of the Chadwick books now and while some are definitely shelf worthy, some are not. I'm curious how the Bernard Cromwell books are. Haven't hit those yet. I'll keep ya posted.
I also have The Dovekeepers in the stack, as well as Behind the Beautiful Forevers, which was a Bill Gates recommendation. I'll be honest, I read the first chapter and set it aside for a time when I'm really really desperate for something to read. I just couldn't get into it. I think I'm just in 'medieval mode' and not ready for modern day works.
So, my 12yo is rather picky about what books I can buy her (this is her stack). She really likes Wendy Mass books so she has two of those in her stack and I think that pretty much exhausts what she can read from that author (she's read all her other books).
So, I got on Amazon and started looking for books that Wendy Mass fans were reading, hoping to find something similar in another author. Most of the reviews pointed to Avi, and she's read some Avi books and enjoyed them, so I picked out a few more: Midnight Magic, and Something Upstairs. She's been reading another Avi book called City of Orphans, which had really good reviews, but alas, about half way thru she told me she can't finish it. It's boooorrring.
I picked up the second book in the Bob the cat series: The World According to Bob. She loved the first one (I got the teen version, not the adult version). If you haven't seen the videos about Bob, google it. Great story.  
A few others in the stack: Pennies From Heaven, Nature Girl, Bright Shadow, Sparrow Road, and Stranded. All had good reviews and seemed to be about things pre-teens find interesting. I'll let cha know which ones she ends up keeping.
So, what are you or your kiddos reading?
Happy Reading!

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