Dissection 101

So, we did some dissection recently. I have one kiddo who finds this sort of thing freakishly interesting.
Not sure if I should be worried or excited about that. 
The other kiddo stands as far back as she can. From all forms of schooling really, but in particular from anything 'sciency.'
First up was Mr. Worm. He wasn't very interesting until we discovered his 5 hearts. Why a critter this small and seemingly inconsequential has 5 hearts is beyond me. But, there it be.

Next up was Mr. Cricket (yes, they were all Misters - we don't cut up girls).

Really, he was a mess. This is what having only one heart can get cha.

And then came Mr. Crayfish (in Texas we call them crawdads).

Yep, that's his poop-a-majig

Mr. Frog was by far the most interesting, as well as the easiest to complete our seek and find on. He also garnered the most sympathy as he seemed rather sweet and peaceful.

For the most part.


Sorry Mr. Frog!! But thank you for teaching us!
Our last dissect on this particular day was Mr. Shark Dude.

Even the squeamish kiddo was excited to see what was on the inside of this one, as we were told you might find some of its last meal still left in its belly. And, well, it's not every day you get to touch and feel (and cut open) a shark.
But, alas...I got this particular critter from a different source than the others, and as you can see, he wasn't nearly as well preserved. He looked like a weathered old grandpa shark.

He was so dried out it was like trying to cut into jerky. By the time we got him open, the kids were off climbing trees.

So much for science!
Still left to dissect: a heart, a snake, and a perch! Stay tuned!

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