Back in the Saddle

Well, it's just been an obnoxiously long time since I last posted on this blog. It's just shameful. But, in all honestly, for a while there it was all I could do to get through the days without some sort of mental, emotional, physical breakdown. I suppose we just have to pick our battles.

In summary: I opened a resale shop right about the same time my husband and I were finalizing our second divorce from each other. Which also just happened to coincide with his departure for India for three months (work related). So, full time parenting was thrown in my lap, along with setting up this new store and going back to work full time. Oh, and of course there was homeschooling. Thankfully it was summer. Ha! (like it would have mattered?)

One of my dear friends mentioned to me the other day that she nearly had an emotional breakdown moving into and renovating a new home with her husband. I thought to myself, how about you throw some pre-teen kids, a couple of cats, a dog, 6 chickens, a full time job, and no husband in that mix and then let's talk about breakdowns. But, I get it. It's perspective. And we all have our burdens. They come in different shapes and sizes and mean different things to different people...but they're struggles all the same. And I would be lying to myself if I didn't admit that a good majority of my struggles were of my own choosing. I didn't have to get divorced a second time, I didn't have to agree to so many animals, nor did I have to homeschool my children. And had I not agreed to the divorce, I would not have had to find a way to support myself after 10 years of being home with the kids. Some things we can control...some things we cannot. It's kinda like the lists kids are ask to make in school with 'wants' in one column, and 'needs' in another. Determining wants from needs is not always easy - even for adults. Lessons learned. Sooooo many lessons learned.

But, also in summary, what a difference a year can make! The ex and I are (again) re-married (third times a charm, right?) We've (fingers crossed) finally figured out the secret to staying married (that's a whole other blog post) and are back under one roof again. And, while the store has been up and down this past year, it's doing well enough to keep the doors open, and I now have a few wonderful employees keeping it going for me on days I'm home schooling my monkeys, hitting the estate sales, or in the garage painting old furniture.

And, while my husband still travels for work, he's promised he won't sign up for any more summers in India. Because, while I am a firm believer in separations and absences making the heart grow fonder, extended separations are also a big ol slap in the face at just how hard single parenting is. Until you've experienced this, it's hard to understand. It is simply living in constant survival mode. With jug wine.

Oh, and after hawks invaded our yard and took a couple of my sweet hens, I found homes for my remaining ladies. So, no farm animals in the backyard at the moment. I miss them, and will have more chickens again, she roars! But now is not the time. Big sigh.

I'm finally coming up for air! And I miss blogging! So, let the random homeschool, granola-y, meadow-seeking, book-reading, artsy fartsy, gypsy silliness begin anew! I'll do my best to keep up!

First up will be some posts on where we're at with our schooling! And then maybe a few updates on the store front! And then maybe a peek at what it looks like to marry someone for the third time! Gah!

The Gypsy Meadows Mama