Library Run: April

Well, in case you were wondering, yes, it has been quite a while since we stepped foot inside a library. We somehow lost track of time this year. I spent all of February working on getting our thrift store open...and spent all of March figuring out how to run it. This, sadly, left little time for school.

However, once we got past Spring Break and Easter, and now that I feel a bit more comfortable working full time again (with kids, no less), we hit the library! Yes, we are that nerdy.

We completed our work on animals in January, and have since moved on to plants and trees. Specifically, I wanted to focus on local wildflowers, shrubs, wild edibles, and medicinal plants rather than just a traditional study of plants. We've had more rain in the past few months than we had all of last year so we have an amazing abundance of wildflowers in every nook and cranny of the Hill Country. It's just so gorgeous...what a good time to explore and identify!

So we picked up a few books on Edible Wild Plants, Legends of Texas Wildflowers, and identifying Texas Wildflowers. Our 'textbook' for this little course we're doing is A Kid's Herb Book, which I absolutely love! Such a wonderful book to get kids interested in herbs and how they can be used for healing as well as flavoring; it's filled with songs, stories and lots of great information on easy to grow herbs. In fact, it inspired us to add a few different herbs to our garden so we can make healing teas, and add herbal remedies to our first aid kit. 

I also really loved the Gardening Wizardry for Kids book. We had a lot of fun working thru a few of the experiments in this one, as well as learning the history and folklore behind specific herbs and vegetables. We even started our own worm farm based on an experiment in the book.

Weeeeeeee! Our chickens will be very pleased with this.

And of course, we also worked thru a few of the art projects in the Plants and Art Activities book. I'll share those pics in a separate blogpost. Love the Arty Facts series!

I also managed to squeeze in one small book for myself during this uber busy time. I read a classic (novella?) by G.K Chesterton called, The Man Who Was Thursday. I quite enjoyed it.

I've since moved on to The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium, and The Fountainhead, which I'm determined to finish before summer!

I think I can I think I can...

Happy Wildflower Exploring!!

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