Milk and Cheese

These are some notes I took from the book Skinny Bitch, regarding dairy. For those of you who say you can't give up cheese and butter and milk, you might want to consider:

*Cows have to give birth in order to produce milk. They otherwise don't need to be milked - ever. Their udders, like women's breasts, exist even when there is no milk in them. There is one major difference, however. Cows milk, by design, grows a 90lb calf into a 2,000 lb cow over the course of two years. It allows calves to double their birth weight in forty-seven days and leaves their four stomachs feeling full. Sounds even more fattening than human milk, right? It is. It should be. Cows are bigger than humans. They are cows.

*Dairy products produce mucus, and often the body will develop a cold or allergies to fight the dairy invasion.

*All species, including ours, have just what they need to get by. Mother Nature did not intend for grownups to continue drinking from their mother's breasts. We don't need our mother's milk as adults, just like grown cows don't need their mother's milk anymore. We are the only species on the planet that drinks milk as adults. We could be putting gorilla milk on our cereal or having zebra milk and cookies. Why cows milk? The answer is money. It has nothing to do with health or nutrition. The dairy industry is a multi-billion dollar industry based on brilliant marketing and the addictive taste of milk, butter, and cheese. We have been told our whole lives, "You need milk to grow. Without milk your bones will break. If you don't drink milk you'll get osteoporosis. You need calcium." That's BS.

*Researchers at Harvard, Yale, Penn State and the National Institute of Health have studied the effects of dairy intake on bones. Not one of these studies found dairy to be a deterrent to osteoporosis. On the contrary, a study funded by the National Dairy Council itself revealed that the high protein content of dairy actually leaks calcium from the body. Another study showed that though 40 million American women have osteoporosis, only 250,000 African women have bone disease. In fact, of the forty tribes in Kenya and Tanzania, only one - the Masai- has members suffering from osteoporosis. The Masai, as it happens, are a cattle-owning, milk drinking tribe.

*Other problems associated with dairy: acne, anemia, anxiety, arthritis, ADD, ADHD, fibromyalgia, headaches, heartburn, indigestion, IBS, joint pain, osteoporosis, poor immune function, allergies, ear infections, colic, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, autism, Crohn's disease, breast and prostate cancer, and ovarian cancer.

It's at least worth considering...


  1. Just wondering, what do you use instead of milk?

  2. Hi Tasha! I use almond milk for just about everything I would normally use cow's milk for. For cooking I use hemp milk when I have it on hand (usually found on the baking isle or where the powdered milk is). I use Earth Balance butter. Non-dairy cream cheese, etc.