A Dolphin Sculpture

So, we've been studying dolphins and whales recently, and, as we normally do for our science studies, we checked out the Arty Facts: Animals and Art Activities book to see if there were any projects that might relate. And, of course we found one. A rather nifty one, in fact.
A dolphin sculpture made from clay.

Hey, we have clay!

So we turned our little balls of clay (we used air dry clay) into little dolphin and rock shapes and secured them together with skewer sticks (broken in half).

We let them dry for a day. Then painted them.

We even added a little glitter to them.

Aren't they fun?

Another nifty art project we found to try was from the Usborne Art Treasury book. This one didn't relate to any of our studies...we were just in the mood for some art, and it was too cold and rainy to be out. So we picked a more challenging project painting dogs and cats that involved mostly watercolors and a little ink (we used a permanent black marker).

And I'll admit, we may have been in over our heads with this one.

Basically, watercolor is used to create a background shape, then ink (marker) is used to draw in the lines. The idea is to try to get away from coloring in the lines, so the lines are drawn in after the painting is done. It's sometimes hard to teach kids that it's OK to be messy...that sometimes that is the intended effect.

It was definitely a challenge for big gypsy girl.

And the little one especially had a hard time allowing the water to do the painting for her. She's got a great hand for detail, so it's even more of a challenge for her to let the paint get out of the lines.

Then again, she's only 8.

We'll definitely do this project again. It was a great exercise covering a variety of skills, and while it was perhaps a bit out of our art range (at least for this year) sometimes you just gotta try. At the very least it kept us busy for a good part of an otherwise dreary rainy wintery afternoon. And we learned that dogs and cats are not easy to paint or draw.
And well, sometimes that's good enough.

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