November Reading

So here are a few of our library books from November...for the monkeys: Robin Hood, Canterbury Tales, Crusaders, and Animals and Art Activities (you can see some of our arty facts projects here). For their monkey mama: Eco's History of Beauty, and a book about Celebrating the Great Mother (Earth-Honoring), which was actually kinda interesting. Eco's History of Beauty was probably also interesting but I couldn't get into it. My mind is off in lala-land these days and it read too much like a textbook. It was painful just to turn the pages. So I stopped. I think on page 4. 

In this stack, well, you can see I had high hopes for myself in terms of fiction. I have to be in the mood for certain genres, at least these days. Historical fiction I adore and hope to even write a little of that myself some day, but random fiction, not so much. It's not a matter of liking it - I don't know, I think it's more of a patience/time issue. Let's just go with that for now.

The monkeys and I started reading the The Black Stallion together. So far so good. We got about half way thru Winnie the Pooh before quitting...I couldn't take the begging any more ("Pleeeeease stop reading Winnie the Pooh to us! Oh, have mercy on our souls, Great Mother")...dude, it's Pooh...oh, whatever.

I did manage to finish Donald Miller's book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. About half way I asked myself why I was reading it, but something compelled me to continue. It didn't rock my world but some of his philosophical rants ended up resonating with me. In fact, while I wouldn't call it shelf-worthy, I would say I actually kinda liked it and needed to read it at this particular time in life. 

I also stumbled thru Gilbert's book: The Last American Man. Interesting dude. Awful biography. Actually, you could probably switch those adjectives and it would still be accurate. Meh. I mean seriously, this Last American Man has his own Facebook page. Irony? Hypocrisy?

Quantum Psychology was fun and clever and way over my head. Still working on Deconstructing Jesus, and Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. The others I simply returned. They actually look like interesting books (The Dovekeepers and The Lady of the Rivers). Maybe I'll try them again after the holidays - unless someone can convince me otherwise.

The last few on the bottom relate to where we are now with our history studies (we've traveled east a bit): Marco Polo, Genghis Khan, Liang and the Magic Paintbrush (another lovely Demi book), Fa Mulan: The Story of a Woman Warrior, and The Paper Dragon

After Christmas we head back to England for a brief study of The Plague. I know, exciting isn't it?

We're also planning to detour a bit into medieval herbs and medicine at some point so I've been researching this topic lately...which has led me to this (a recommendation I found in the Great Mother book): Common Weeds: A Coloring Book, and this: Medicinal Plants Coloring Book, and this: Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game (a recommendation from this most interesting dude: Merriwether's Foraging Texas, who I had the privilege to meet at the Texas Renaissance Festival this year - thru fellow homeschoolers and friends). I'm mentioning these now because (warning: nerd alert) I think they might make swell holiday gifts (you were warned).

I'm sure my kids will disagree, but well, adversity creates character, eh?

Happy Reading!

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