Garden Update: October

I went out to the garden with the intention of pulling up all the old zucchini vines when I discovered this beauty (the squash, not the girlie).

The word ginormous comes to mind.

Seriously, it's the biggest squash.

A real snozzcumber!

And tasty, too!

Needless to say, I left the vines intact. They deserve a chance to produce for a few more months. I mean, it's only fair. 

these are still on the vines as well...this plant was for the man of the house...not sure what I would do with hot peppers. Hopefully he has a plan.

the okra, however, will soon be thrown into a hearty fall soup.

I also wanted desperately to pull this vine up but it seems intent on producing something. I'm going with pumpkin. It's in an area where the seeds got just a wee bit mixed up. I'm giving it a few more weeks and then will let the hens decide its fate.

whatever it is, it's a bit overgrown...hmpf!


wild Lantana mixing it up with the okra.

New Dawn rose

Morning Glories. I planted these seeds in early spring and they not only survived the awful Draught of 2011, but they're still happily spreading and taking over the garden fence..

...mixing and mingling with the pretty spinach vine

The sweet potato vines are also alive and well, and provide nice shade and shelter to the seedlings that went into the fall beds (kale, spinach, carrots, beans, cilantro, broccoli, and lettuce).

And the hens have been busy converting all the garden scraps into these lovelies...we have a few Easter Egg Layers (hence the green eggs), and we have a few Sussex (hence the double-yoker in front). They get very excited when I open the garden gate. Clucking and flapping. Oh, the yummy bugs they find. Not to mention the rich compost they make out of all the garden leftovers and trimmings, leaves, and scraps. Allowing us to grow more food, to attract more bugs, to get more eggs. It's a beautiful cycle.

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