Fall Lapbooks

We finally completed our first lapbooks! Yes, I know, I'm such a nerd.

However, I think my girls actually enjoyed making these as well. At least they enjoyed making the cover art. OK, well, I know for sure the older girl enjoyed making the skull and crossbones.

That's good enough for me.

So the 10yo worked on the Halloween lapbook, and the almost 8yo worked on the Fall one.

Here's proof:

The Halloween lapbook looks like this when you first open it up. It has a skeleton printout labeling various bones in the body, a glitter-glue spider web, a drawing of her costume, a mini-book about Halloween symbolism, and a quote from Poe's, The Raven.

The yellow page pulls down and reveals a mini book on the history of Halloween, a spider mini-book, a Halloween coloring book, and a mini-book on bats.

Fun fun!

The younger gal colored and cut out leaves to glue on her fall tree, which is a tracing of her hand, for the cover of her lapbook. We added a mini-book about pumpkins to the front as well.

When you open the lapbook it reveals a mini-book on why leaves change color, parts of an apple mini-book, a little wheel about photosynthesis, a mini-book on squirrels, and a grocery bag list of fall produce. On the left side you see a mini-book on animals that migrate/hibernate, and a mini-book on products made from trees.

The green page lifts up to reveal another pumpkin mini/coloring book, a mini-book on recognizing leaves, and a copy page of a poem written by Emily Bronte

When we were finished with our lapbooks, we also spent a little time cutting out leaves and bat shapes out of construction paper to make a fall/spooky wreath.

We found the templates here and here.

What can I say, we're easily amused.
Happy Fall!

Fall Lapbook - free downloads and great mini-books here: http://dynamic2moms.webs.com/fallseason.htm
Fall Lapbook - more free ideas to print off here: http://www.homeschooled-kids.com/lapbooks/falllapbook.html
Enchanted Learning - we printed off coloring pages and worksheets for both lapbooks here: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/halloween/
Halloween Lapbook - you can also find free mini-books here: http://www.homeschoolhelperonline.com/lapbooks/halloween.htm

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