Medieval Monks

We started our Story of the World journey off with a review of the fall of Rome, then quickly moved on to Celtic monks. Medieval style.

We made double-edged axes out of recycled cardboard boxes and tubes. The girls painted them gold and brown, and wrapped them in twine to look authentic? realistic? (conceivable?).

Good enough?

The brooch was colored and glued onto leftover cardstock and we added a pin to the back. It's funny because the 10yo started coloring it before I could give her directions (these projects are both from The Story of the World Vol II Activity Guide). She finished just as I started reading: Color the brooch green, red, yellow and blue. Little turkey had randomly picked all the right colors. Lucky. 

We also carved monk-ish cross necklaces out of air-drying clay.

And had ourselves a little medieval monk feast: lentil/veggie stew and zucchini bread (recipe also in the Activity Guide)

That my little monks actually ate (and without holding their nose!) Yay, monks!

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