Latch Hook Pillows

Latch hook! Oh boy does this take me back. I wasn't sure how the girls would take to it; and in fact, at first they just sorta stared at me like I was crazy. Especially after they saw the tool. Which does look sorta medieval I suppose. But once they got the hang of it, well, they did just fine on their own. Even the little one.

Who, initially, ran to her room in tears because she didn't pick it up fast enough. She's fairly good at picking things up quickly and gets frustrated if she doesn't get it on the first try. She has high expectations of herself. (Ahem, I have no idea where she gets that from.)

But after she dried her tears, she walked right back in, sat down, tried it one more time, and immediately picked it up. Go figure.

(Apparently we all struggle to remember she's only seven).

Older girl got it right away. And her latch hook project was bigger...and didn't have the picture painted on the canvas backing which meant she had to work with grids (ya know, just a few minor major differences she made sure we all understood).

Once all the latch-hooking was complete, it was time to sew. I ran it under the sewing machine completely unconvinced it would actually hold together (it's at times like this I find keeping expectations low seems to work well). However, I did not attempt to sew right sides together. Because of it's odd shape I just sewed it as it was, folding the seems in and sewing very close to the yarn. The kids then stuffed the pillows and sewed the remaining stitches by hand.

And viola! Instant pillow to throw on the bed and collect dust mites. But hey, at least it's cute. And older gal is very proud of herself for making it.

The littler one I sewed right sides together on the machine. It was straight lines so much easier to maneuver.

And little girl sewed her last few stitches by hand, after it was stuffed.

Yay for hand-made pillows!

And the little girls who make them!

And since the project was a success...guess who picked out two more latch hook kits?!

Certainly not me...though I will admit, it's hard to look at them and not be tempted to do just a few rows.

Just a few.

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