I found a few more treasures at our local thrift store. It's amazing to me how sentimental something can become when you only pay $1 for it secondhand; when something you might pay $30 for first hand never becomes so. I think it has something to do with energy. Imprinted memory. Someone else's memory is handed over to us...entrusted to us. The green lazy susan wasn't found green. I paid $1 for it and it was brown wood, stained, icky. I sanded it and painted it. It's happy again. The little birdies were found in west Texas...Ft. Davis, to be exact. They weren't second hand but they most definitely needed to come live on the green susan. They're salt n pepper shakers. The proud white duck in back I found at our thrift store. The girls wanted to paint him but I think he looks nice just the way he is. He's the keeper of the napkins.

This lovely water mug I found on a different trip to the thrift store. And I should note, a wonderful feature of our local thrift store is you can take your own un-usables in and sell them on consignment. We take our outgrown clothes and toys and books and sell them so that when we go in looking for treasures, we have money already on hold for us in our account. It's a fun happy exchange.

I bought this white container to keep our compost scraps in by the kitchen sink. Works great and looks nice, despite it's job. When it's full we carry it out to the big compost in the yard and toss the scraps. The chickens and ducks (and worms) take over from there. It's also a fun happy exchange.

This is one of my favorite finds. No idea what it's called or how old it is but I've given it a medieval history. And it seems well-suited to sangria.

These lovely ladies were a birthday gift from my groovy thrifty friend, Megan. She's the one who first turned me on to our local thrift store exchange and she's most excellent at finding treasures there. I love that I have  friends who find beauty more in the used than in the new; who value well-made and hand-made, and who are raising kids who love thrift store clothes just as much as (if not more than) new clothes. Even if I were rich and had the money to shop at the mall, I still wouldn't do it. I'd still rather have this sweet little chicky from the thrift store.

and this one....

These sweet owls came in a set of 4 for .50 cents each. I bought all 4. They've become our favorite fancy drinking glasses. My littlest gypsy won't drink out of anything else, in fact. You can't tell from the pic, but the owls are actually embossed on the glass. They are wise, indeed.

I occasionally find canning utensils...

...which means, of course, I need to so some canning on occasion. We recently had a run on cucumbers from the garden and I had picked up a small bag from the farmers market, so I decide to make some pickles. I attempted this once years ago and wasn't very successful at it. Maybe this time I'll have better luck.

They at least look nice.

We also had a run on basil this summer. I've put up quite a bit in the freezer; I've given some away; but still have lots and lots left to harvest.

So, I made pesto. Lots and lots of glorious pesto. Don't cha just love yummy, beautiful treasures?

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