Garden Update for August

This seems to be what we're getting every week or so in August. The eggplants are small (I'm guessing because of the heat/draught we're in). And our first round of limes are kinda small as well. But the okra is still going strong! We have lots of breaded okra stored away in the freezer now.

Still getting bundles of basil every week as well. Who knew one plant would produce so much? I'm freezing as much as I can and using as much as I can to cook with (and giving away a lot as well) but I swear the more I harvest the more it grows.

little limes

persistent okra

every now and then we get more zucchini...I'm actually surprised this huge plant is still hanging in there. It's supposed to be 107 on Monday. I wonder how hot it needs to be before it finally gives up?

The eggplants are still going strong as well, though they are smaller than usual.

and still a few tomatoes hanging in there...I trimmed all the plants back and am starting to see new (albeit wilting) growth...maybe they'll survive our heatwave

The sweet potato vines are going crazy! Such a fun and easy contribution to an otherwise blah corner of the garden.

and this thing is finally doing something...if only I knew what it was...I'm going to guess either watermelon or pumpkin. All the other vines died when it started to get insanely hot - this guy is clearly a survivor.

Basil and parsley, just for the record, show no signs of heat stress.

And this pretty little gal is determined to see the arrival of fall...

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