What We Read in May

Must. Catch. Up. It's JUNE. How did that happen? I'm still stuck in May, people. Well, here's a sampling of what we picked up from the library for May.

The kiddos listened to a wonderful book on CD called the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. I have a feeling we'll be seeing it in theaters in the next year or so. It's definitely a keeper. Really lovely.

I blew thru several David Sedaris books. They're fairly quick reads, and fairly funny. OK, some are really funny. I'd like to keep one or two on the shelf, in fact. He's slowly becoming a favorite of mine. I also read I Love You, Ronnie, which is a sweet tribute by Nancy Reagan regarding all the love letters she received from her husband during the course of their 50+ years together. Following that book, however, with The Handmaid's Tale was unsettling at best. And completely on the other side, I found the man pouring thru Vince Neil and Ozzy Osborne books. You'd think this would give us interesting things to talk about over dinner. You'd think.

 A few books we weren't able to finish: She Flies Without Wings (about women and their love of horses). I love horses and all, and hope to have a few some day, but I couldn't get thru the first few chapters without nodding off. And George Washington's Sacred Fire...ha. That was one the man picked out. Yowza. It's taken years just to get him to go to the library; a book that size will scare him off permanently. What's the Least I Can Believe and Still be a Christian? Well, what can I say, I'm spiritually searching...and apparently lazy. I actually learned some interesting things reading that one though, and might even consider buying it if I come across it, ya know, at a thrift store.

The girls and I finished Anne of Green Gables (an abridged version) and have now moved on to Little House on the Prairie. We also read, Roald Dahl's The BFG while we were on vacation (on CD in the car), which has now become an all-time favorite in our house. It's worth buying and listening to over and over. Natasha Richardson's reading of it is wonderful.

We attempted to get thru A Wrinkle in Time, but the CD version left us all slapping our faces after a few hours. I think the book is lovely and I hope to have the girls read it some time soon, but we just couldn't manage the monotone reading by the author. It's hit and miss with books on CD, depending on who is reading the material. Superfudge, for example, was a reading that made me want to jump out of the car at high speeds, and yet, I've been a Judy Blume fan since childhood. I think the book is funny, it just didn't translate well on CD.

Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen stayed with me for a while. I shed a few tears and related way too much to the setting and characters. Completely unexpected. Sometimes those are the best books. I can see that one as a movie as well (can you tell I have a background in screen-writing?). Speaking of The Handmaid's Tale...when I first finished the book I thought, movie? No, there's no way that can translate on screen. And even if you could, who would watch something so disturbing? It's one thing to read it, but to see it? But sure enough, there it is. I've been told by some not to watch it; I've been told by others it's awesome. I'm thinking a few glasses of wine and a pillow over my face and I'm good to at least see the opening credits. 

Moving on...we signed up for a summer reading program at our local library. They are giving away 10 bikes as prizes to various age group winners. My girls don't have bikes, but want bikes, so they're ready and willing to do what must be done to win one. We stocked up with library books this past week, and books on CD and books to read together, and well, I might have gone a bit overboard but by golly we're gonna read till our eyes bleed. To make it fair, I picked up about a dozen or so novels for myself to read. Well, I need something to do while relaxing by the lake watching the monkeys swim all summer, right?

That update coming soon!

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