Our April Reading List

Gah! It's May! And I never got around to sharing our April reading updates! Who knew April would get so busy? In my defense, my mother in law has been in town visiting us for 5 weeks (she just left on Sunday), and spring soccer landed in our laps quite suddenly, and well, there are baby ducks and chicks in the yard now; distracted seems an adequate explanation. Yeah, let's go with that. We did somehow manage to read alot of books, however. So apparently we weren't completely de-railed.

On the homeschool front, we started with the rise of Rome and ended with the fall of Rome, so we picked up our last round of books on all things Rome. During that time we also learned about the beginnings of Christianity. Which led to discussions about other religions, specifically those that were going on at the time Jesus was born. We read books about Buddha, Islam, Jewish traditions, Hindu gods, etc. And picked up a few books on Easter, as well. Easter seems like a good time to discuss world religions, actually, so I think the timing worked out quite nicely.

The gals specifically told me they most enjoyed the books The Empty Pot, and I Once Was a Monkey.

We also discussed the Celts during our Rome history lessons, so we picked up a number of books on all things Celtic.

I also managed to finish up The Poisonwood Bible, which I enjoyed, and another book called Going in Circles, which is book about relationships and roller derby (crashing during one and picking yourself up in the other). Enjoyable, but not shelf-worthy.

The man picked up a collection of Davis Sedaris books on CD and listened to them in the car during his commutes to work. He had never heard of Sedaris before, and while I have yet to read any of his books, they've been on my list for a while now as I've heard they are hysterical. Well, my husband's review after listening to the collection was he nearly had to pull over one morning while driving because he was laughing so hard. In other words, thumbs up.

A few other books I picked up to read included Enslaved by Ducks, Jesus for the Non-Religious, Escaping the Endless Adolescence, Anam Cara, The Curse of the Good Girl, Cold Comfort Farm, and Cutting for Stone. I'm currently still working on the Jesus book and Cold Comfort Farm. The rest have been read and returned. I enjoyed bits of all of them, but the ones I felt were shelf-worthy were: Cutting for Stone (hoping to see this one made into a movie, and am willing to write the screenplay if I have to), Anam Cara (if I came across it at a used book store), and Escaping the Endless Adolescence (which I highly recommend for anyone who has children in the double digits...HIGHLY recommend).

You'll also notice a couple of cookbooks: Vegan Brunch, and Pasta for All Seasons. I'm not a brunch person but if I were I would have liked the Vegan Brunch book just fine (I've enjoyed most of her other cookbooks). But I did like Pasta for all Seasons. I might look for it at the used book store.

We're on book 33 or 34 in the Magic Tree House book series. We've been listening to these in the car and while I think my older gal is finally tiring of them (I mean, c'mon, thirty books!) my younger gal still loves them.

And now that we are done done done with our history studies until the fall (yay!), we're picking up sewing lessons and doing more art art art in its place (hence the sewing and art books in the stacks).

This last stack is the result of my having a day all to maself which I wisely spent at Half Price Books (one of my many happy places) (and thanks to the MIL). These all felt shelf-worthy to me so they get to stay for good and be a part of collection. I'm most excited about The Bread Bible. I've read a number of bread baking books over the years and have even bought a few, but so far this one is my favorite (mama loves pictures). And of course, another chicken book (can you have too many?), and a few books for the kiddos.

We're going on a nice long vacation in May and will be finishing up our last science semester (astronomy) shortly thereafter, so our May reading list will be much shorter (hopefully!).

We'll see how quickly May dissolves into June.  

And June into July...

happy reading!

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