Easter, and Beyond

Ah, Easter. Can't say I'm a big fan of Easter, but I do enjoy celebrating Spring. I more enjoy celebrating Summer, but Spring is the season that rides in to save the day from the dreariness of Winter, which I greatly appreciate and find worthy of celebration. We've had an unusually long Spring this year. Actually, the fact that we've had any sort of Spring is unusual for South Texas. A typical Spring in Texas lasts about a week, then we move right on into Summer. Which is fine with me. I love me some 100-degree-sitting-by-the-river-under-the-Cypress-trees kind of weather. But it's hard to pass up celebrating Spring, not matter how long it lasts...

or dying eggs in costume...

This year we tried a new Spring project. A friend in Port A, while we were visiting the beach for SandFest, gave me a basket full of colorful yarn that I wasn't sure I could ever knit my way thru (at least not before the kids are grown and out of the house). Not wanting to see it go to waste, we took a few of the more colorful skeins and cut them up into strips and decided to made yarn nests out of them. We got the idea from a crafty little blog called The Imagination Tree (where you'll also find a more detailed tutorial).

The idea is, essentially, to drown the yarn in glue in a tray of some sort (cookie sheet works well) and drape the gooey yarn over bowls to create the nest shape. We used regular white glue and watered it down a bit and I'm not sure that was the best solution. We also laid the strips across one another (as seen in the above above pic), which didn't work well either. We re-did the nests with more glue (use a runny glue if you have it...but not watery...there is a difference...apparently) and created the nests to look more nest-like, ya know, like the birds do it....rather than perfectly straight overlays like the humans were doing it. This seemed to do the trick (smarty-pants birds!).  

After our nests dried we filled them with cookies, of course...

Speaking of cookies...this is a tradition we've been doing together since the monkeys were toddlers. Something I did with my Meme when I was a kid that I couldn't wait to pass along to my own brood. It's a simple sugar cookie recipe (that we've veganized). We also now use wheat flour instead of white, which makes them a little more tender, but also more tasty in my opinion. The girls love rolling out the dough and using the cookie cutters. But nothing beats the mess involved with the decorating! It's a family affair, to be sure. The icing is made using a little powdered sugar and a little almond milk. Very simple and basic but makes for yummy pretty decorated cookies. And a tradition I hope my critters never outgrow.

Another something new for us this year: My older gypsy gal made us all strawberry shortcakes for our Spring/Easter dessert. I walked her thru the recipe (which is very similar to homemade biscuits), and she rolled out the dough and cut the biscuits and helped with the strawberry sauce. She was very proud of herself and the shortcakes were beautiful and delicious.

After the picnic, we walked down the trail to the cove behind our house and relaxed and watched the kiddos splash around.

A few days later I took the girls to another little cove near our house. We found a secluded area on a pretty peninsula and enjoyed some Vitamin D for a few hours. Off in the distance you can see the island that's near this peninsula. We plan to bring our canoe next time and canoe over and check out the island. We've heard it's shallow enough to walk over, but I'm thinking we may need our canoe in case we need to make a fast getaway...ya know, in case of pirates. Yar!

The monkeys brought their jeeps and pet shop toys and created caves and houses out of the rocks for them to play in. There were a lot of boats on the water and the wind was rocking that day, so lots of waves made it feel like we were at the beach. Except better - with no sand and no salt.

And it was nicely overcast, so no sunburn. I got to read for several hours in peace and they got to play in the water in peace. It was a win win. So grateful we have this close enough to walk to. The rest of our Spring celebration week went a little something like this:

Hope you all had a wonderful Spring Celebration and/or Easter celebration!

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