Ducklings: One Month Old

Caesar and Cleopatra: our one month old Pekin ducklings are halfway grown now

They quack quack (yes, they found their quackers finally! No more peeping!) when they lose sight of us. Co-dependent is a word that comes to mind. It's a little troubling at times as I feel compelled to sit with them in the yard longer than I intend to every morning.

But who can deny these sweet faces...


are you our mother?

sweet babes...

who love a good watermelon party...

nom nom nom

it's so tasty they're oblivious to the deer party going on behind them...

in just another short month they'll be considered full grown and will have lost all their yellow fluff

and their awkward teenage gait

our ducky up, a chicky update!

*You can see pics of the ducklings during their first two weeks here.


  1. They are so sweet,This reminds me of when I had two ducklings, Courtney was a baby, I wish I could see yours while they were tiny!

    Uncle Kelly ( to those two girls)

  2. They are so adorable. We have baby chicks this year. Next year maybe baby ducks. So, so cute!