A Colorful Coop

We decided to paint a mural of flowers and maybe a chick or two on the side of the coop. I sketched out a few basic shapes in pencil

and let the girls fill in the rest.

Caroline, Lucy and Sassypants took it upon themselves to supervise. 

Fair enough...

Older sister decided this was a good job for younger sister, so my little gypsy did pretty much all the painting herself (except for the chickens)

We also moved the bunny cage over as it will be turned into a duck/chicky pen for a month or so while the babies grow...we want to keep them safe, while still acclimating them to the great outdoors. Meanwhile, little gypsy paints on...

Livy added a ladybug and butterfly...and I added a varnish so the paints would stick...

I kinda see the resemblance...

She won't clean her room, but she's all about keeping the chickens happy...

prepping the boxes...keeping our fingers crossed we'll have eggs soon!

Sweet Caroline and Lucy

We love our ladies.


  1. that is the cutest chicken coop i think i've ever seen. how fun! good job everyone! love the post.

  2. Stacey, what a fun coop! What a fun blog. What talented kids you have! Really nice to see all their art... on the coop, and on paper. Thanks for sending me to your blog!