April: A Garden Update

Apple blossoms! So happy to see these. We thought for sure our apple trees were goners with all the hard frosts we had - but alas, blossoms!

and cabbage!

This cabbage is just gettin' out of hand...it's crowding out the kale, casting so much shadow on the spinach it's barely growing and honestly, I don't know what to do with it! Do I tie it up so it's no so wonky? I've been ripping the outer leaves off and feeding them to the ducklings (they luv it) and the caterpillars have been making artwork out of it recently...I guess I'll give it a few more weeks and see if it's ready to harvest.  I'm excited to see it thriving, but, well, mama's just running out of room!

squash, carrots, various herbs...

and harvested kale waiting to be made into salad...


lots of tomatoes!

8 plants, 4 varieties...now I'll have no excuses...must can tomatoes


Well, for now they're green berries but still, blackberries!

I bought the Snap Dragons (Dragonsnaps?) for the monkeys. They are fascinated with this flower. And I'll be honest, I never realized the reason they call them dragon snaps is because their little dragon heads....



see what I mean?


(tell me gardens aren't fun?)

another perspective of the bossy-pants cabbage...garden hogs ain't they?

and the zucchini and eggplant seem to be running this show...

eggplant blossoms, cucumbers and some kind of squash (I think butternut...I kinda went a little crazy throwing seeds out...seeds are exciting, aren't they? Please say yes.)

my butterfly whisperer requested a Penta...

The New Dawn is finally spitting out beautiful buds. I've been waiting months to see this guy recover from the move and the frost. A house just isn't a home for me without a rose bush rambling around somewhere.


more eggplant blossoms!


And oh how I wish we had a beehive because the bees have been giving this lavender plant some lovin' this spring. The bees are most definitely welcome to this party...

this last bed is the fall garden and is just getting started...it's mostly pumpkins (several varieties), various winter squashes, some corn, more tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and sunflowers.

Oh, you naughty naughty caterpillar...

yes, you're pretty and I don't mind you taking a leaf or two but then you best be on your way...OK?

And this is a shout out to the man who built us a lovely little firepit so he and the girls can roast marshmellows and make smores. Isn't it groovy?

We recently learned they owners of the house, years ago, used to throw chili parties in the backyard here and invite all the neighbors over. Apparently they would cook the chili in a big pot over a firepit kinda like this one. I think we might have to renew that tradition!

Hmmmm, veggie chili and skillet cornbread, anyone? And from the garden, maybe a little roasted squash and eggplant, kale salad...cole slaw? (can you tell I'm ready to butcher that cabbage?)

C'mon over and pull up a chair. We'll turn on the Duck TV.

Don't cha just love April?

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