We Can't Stay Out of The Library: Our Picks for March

So we've been back and forth to the library alot lately. The soccer field is directly across from the library and we seem to stop by each and every time we head to practice. I suppose that's a good thing; we've gotten our hands on alot of good books lately! Even the man is now picking up books on CD to listen to on his commute to work. I'm almost envious. Almost. 

So here's what we've been reading: In science we're currently studying oceans and sealife so we picked up a number of books to supplement our note-taking. I even found a groovy book called Oceans & Art Activities. The girls decided on a few paper-mache projects to work on from this book, and since I was already planning a paper-mache art day, well, I love it when a plan comes together. Oh, and Amazon this book and you'll find it's a whole series! Plants & Art, Earth & Art, Space & Art, Animals & Art, Our Bodies & Art - what a find!

The girls are also working thru a couple of drawing books that they have on hand, but my littlest gal found this super neat-o book called I Love to Draw Horses, so we've been having fun learning to draw horses together (pics of that coming soon in a separate blog post). This one is worth buying so I put a copy in my Amazon queue. She'll be drawing from this book for years, as I don't see her love of horses going away any time soon, and I plan on incorporating some of these horse drawings into a painting class later in the year. Yee-ha!

And on top, a few books for mama. Brideshead Revisited, which I've already finished and returned (and thank goodness that one was a library loaner - blah, blech, and meh!), Like Water for Chocolate and Committed (Elizabeth Gilbert's newest book), which are both on our book club list for March.

This next pile represents a few of the ancient Greece-related books we've been working thru. Books on myths, Zeus, Hercules, Greek life, The Trojan Horse, etc. We were also studying deserts so we picked up a few related books, and can you tell my older gypsy girl has a bit of an obsession for the Magic Tree House books? She reads these at nite when she's supposed to be sleeping. She really enjoys them and while they are probably too 'young' for her (I really hate using qualifiers), I like how much she's enjoying them, and how much she's learning from them. She'll finish a book and get all excited and tell me all about what happened with the Titanic or with Pioneers, etc and can't wait to start the next book. We picked up a few of them from the used book store and found a few more at our local thrift store...hopefully she'll have the whole series to pass along to her sister in a few years.

And can you tell she also has an obsession with animal care? Our homeschool friends out here at the lake just happened to mention their rescued cat was pregnant and they would be in need of finding homes for a few baby kittens in a few months...well, that was all my cat-loving girl needed to hear...hence the five books she picked out on cat/kitten care. Oy vey.

We also finished The Iliad. The girls enjoyed the chapters that weren't so war-ish, but let's face it, it's mostly about blood-shed and sword-wrangling. At least they're now familiar with the poem, and with Homer. And the language won't feel so foreign to them as we get deeper into classical literature. We start the Odyssey next, which I think they'll enjoy more. And just for the record, we're reading Rosemary Sutcliff's versions of The Iliad: Black Ships Before Troy, and The Wanderings of Odysseus. Her versions are lovely for the kids and offer an accessible way for them to hear the stories and not be completely turned off or confused by the language.

We also finished up an abridged version of Little Women (part one). My littlest gypsy is perhaps a bit too young to appreciate the story, but my older gal really enjoyed it and didn't want the book to end, so we've picked up an unabridged version at the used book store and have started on part two. We had Anne of Green Gables lined up to read together next, but I think we'll finish up with part two of Little Women before we dive into Anne. And I've picked up the Little House books to start after we finish Anne! Wheeeee...

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