New Beginnings: Our Spring Garden

Here's what's happening in our little garden by the lake: Yellow squash is peeping thru...

the cabbage has at least tripled in size in the last 2 weeks...the kale is looking happy, and I see tiny little carrot tops sprouting all over the garden...(and, sigh, seeing the cabbage makes me miss our little bun bun)

tomatoes already on the vine! (and more carrot tops sprouting around it, cause, ya know, carrots love tomatoes)...and tomatoes love garlic (hence the garlic peeping thru along the back)...

new buds opening on the apple trees...

and mysterious bugs hovering nearby...but not to fear...the hens will determine the fate of the bugs

the grape vine is finally looking alive again (wonder if it will produce grapes this year?)...and his spanish lavender companion, left over from last year, is reblooming

potatoes, beans, peas, okra, and squash vines all bursting thru the soil

and the blackberry bush, after dropping all its dead winter leaves, is looking quite lovely again with it's blossoms

I love all the new beginnings...and all the's amazing what a few square feet of dirt and compost can do for the soul...thank you, spring, for visiting our little garden...oh how we've missed you

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