I like old stuff. It can be old stuff that looks new, or new stuff that looks old, or just plain ol old stuff. When my Lyn was a babe we lived a few blocks from a thrift store so during nap time I'd put her in a snuggie pack and go 'junkin', as they say. We had a old Victorian house we had renovated, and a tight budget, so despite living just a few miles from one of the biggest shopping areas in Houston, I filled it with vintage thrift store treasures instead. Some I painted and fixed up, some got converted into different forms, and some were perfect just as they were. Our stuff has been moved about 9 times since then, but most of it I still carry with me from place to place. It's hard to part with some of these old treasures.

Even found objects can offer a lifeline of memories. We've been collecting rocks and shells from the different rivers around The Hill Country where we live. Labeling the jars allows us to remember not only the different rocks we found, but the fun we had finding them. The glittery purplish sharp-edged rocks (it's a geological term - look it up) from the Pedernales River, for example, are very different from the smooth white-ish stones found at the Guadalupe River. This summer we'll hopefully have new jars for the Frio River and Cypress Creek; and will get a chance to add to our Port A 'butterfly' shell collection (yes, another technical term).

Lavender from the local lavender fields, buttons from misc clothing items, painted rocks, and wine corks and bottle caps the little one likes to collect from patios and trails completes our little jar collection.

Handmade pottery, framed leaves and flowers from our flower press, a lovely old jar holding rose petals from our heirloom rose bushes...

Little kitties that cost a quarter, resting on a $10 child size rocking chair...a stained glass made by a friend

A magazine tree I made from salvaged wood.

A bench we made out of an old headboard...topped with handmade pillows...under a window from a very very old house that we converted into a mirror (complete with runny glue)

Old hooks attached to scrap wood makes a very handy apron holder.

Our collection of handmade potholders.

My file box. It's amazing what gems you can find if you dig around a bit.

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