Snow Day in Texas

We don't get snow days in Texas very often. OK, pretty much never. Especially here in South Texas.

It rarely sticks, it's usually dry, too dry to make a snowball with, and by noon it's usually all melted away...but it's still SNOW!

And in case there was any doubt it happened, I have 3 bags of it in the freezer...

We've only been in our little house by the lake a few days, but seeing snow on the ground inspired us to drop the unpacking for a moment and explore. We found a little trail behind the house (thru the woods and over a ledge, just beyond an empty lot...ya, know, that sort of trail) that leads to a pretty little cove by the lake

Well well...won't this be fun to explore come spring time!

The snow also brought with it in, icicles. Which inspired yet another hike thru the woods. This time over by the river.

Running off some steam...chasing the pup, chasing the sister...

and just like that, it's 65 degrees again, sweaters and scarves are shedded, and the icicles are no more...I love this kind of day

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