Cereal Boxes and Spiraly Snakes

Still working our way thru the Usborne First Skills book, Starting Painting. We've worked thru a number of the projects in this book and I have to say I think we all really enjoyed it! We had to return the book to the library just before we were able to get to the last project, which was the Still Life Painting. Gah! Moving day finally arrived so all our unfinished projects were put on hold for a bit. But now that we're settled I think we'll check the book out one more time and complete that last few projects. Either way, here's what we managed to squeeze in before the move....

This project was another exercise in color blending and matching. The girls ripped color swatches out of magazines and glued them in a curvy line on a sheet of paper - about 16 or so. No particular order.

Then, the girls drew a spiraly snake pattern on a sheet of cardboard and, using the curvy colors as a guide, recreated the colors (thru matching and blending of primary colors) and painted them in the same order.
This was a great project for learning color gradients, color blending, color matching and well, lots of patience.

Once all the spiral parts were painted, the girls went back over each square and added swirls and dots and squiggles and other various fun embellishments.

After they were all dry, we cut out the snakey spiral, tied some yarn thru the top, and...

...yay, aren't they fun?!

Another fun project from the book involved recycled cereal boxes and the rest of our torn/recycled magazines.

For this project we did more magazine tearing, but this time ripped up colors that matched, as well as images that could be used in a different way (with similar color tones). So, for example, the little one was tearing out pink color tones for a pink background, and yellow tones for a yellow flower.

While the older gal was tearing out tones in blue, aqua, and dark green for her background. We cut the face off the cereal box to use as our canvas, leaving about a 1.5 inch border.

Once all the tearing was complete, the girls set to work gluing the torn pieces onto their background.

And then created their main images using other various colors or tones. Lyn created a fish out of brown and orange tones, and we bent a small piece of cardstock on the back of the fish to allow it to stand up from the background some...giving it a 3D effect.

Livy created a flower and stem out of yellow and green tones.

Around the 1.5 inch cereal box border, the girls glued a contrasting color from more ripped magazine pages.

And viola! The projects were complete. What a fun way to spend a cold winter day!

And what a unique way to turn trash into treasure!

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