Alpacas and Glass Blowing 101

We recently took a little trip north to Wimberley, TX. If you haven't been, it's very much worth the drive. It's a beautiful little hill country town nestled along the banks of the Cypress Creek - filled with more than a weekend full of adventure. Along the way we thought we'd stop in and see what was happening at Wimberley GlassWorks - a beautiful blown glass workshop and studio. We arrived just as the next show was starting.

The kiddos were mesmerized by the entire process. The workshop lasted well over an hour...

And, I'll admit, after about 45 minutes I was thinking maybe it was time to skee-daddle (and figured the kids were ready to go as well) but noooooo, they weren't budging. They thought it was, and I quote, "so awesome!"

I'll also admit, I was too busy watching the assistant in her Star Wars outfit that I completely missed the 'bowl' turning into a 'platter' (if you go back up to the picture above this one you'll see it's still in a closed bowl type shape). Well, with a 'poof' - in an instant - (and seriously, if you blink - or are staring at the Star Wars girl like i was - you will surely miss it) - that little bowl thingy turned into this platter thingy.

And off it went into the fridge to cool. Fun fun!

Afterwards we headed to Inoz, a little pup-friendly outdoor cafe on the river. Ate some yummy grub and meandered along the river a bit.

Little one isn't camera-friendly.

After hitting the rock shop and the candy store and the tshirt shop, we then drove thru the hills a bit more and found this neat-o alpaca farm.

And these neat-o alpacas were captivated by our pup. Every where the pup went, so went the alpacas. We were told by the shopowner the alpacas have never had such a strong reaction to other dogs. There are, in fact, 4 dogs that live on this alpaca farm, but they've never seen the reaction to a human or dog like these alpacas reacted to this little pup. Weird, right?

Guess who they're looking at?

Only thing I can guess is perhaps they picked up on some sort of herding vibe from the pup, or maybe pup was an alpaca leader in a former life? Or maybe they just thought he was too cute. Yea, I'm sure that's it.

Even the big old dog hanging out with the alpacas found the pup intriguing.

We'll have to come back soon so they can all have another playdate. Bye alpacas - yes, we're really taking the little furry guy with us. Sorry!
The alpaca farm also has a very neat-o sculpture garden, complete with bubbling brooks and open air caves.

The girls found a big ol cypress tree they couldn't quite get their arms around.

but they did manage to load up with a few bags from the colorful candy shop

...but the best part of the day was relaxing at Driftwood Estates, overlooking the Italian-style vineyards below.

ahhhhhh, now that's the way to end a day in The Hill Country...

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