Rock Candy

A little rock tumbling took place over the holidays. We've been studying rocks and minerals and thought getting a rock tumbler for Christmas might be fun. Well, who knew, first of all, how loud those suckers are, and second of all, that they would take a minimum of 9-11 days to tumble! Loudly! Out to the garage that little tumbler went. And it tumbled and tumbled and tumbled...for nearly 2 weeks. But it did produce some rather lovely rocks.

Which we turned into rings, necklaces, keychains and earrings.

For our first tumbling experiment we used the rocks that came with the machine. But, after seeing the results, we've decided to try tumbling some of the rocks we've collected over the past few years from the various rivers in the area. We picked up jars full of lovely purplish glittery rocks by the Pedernales last spring (that's scientific, right?), and have jars full of rocks from the Frio and Guadalupe as well. We'll throw some of those into the tumbler next and see what happens!

During all this rock tumbling, we also made fossil mudpies, watched salt crystals grow and did a few other various rock experiments...

including rock candy...

Hey, learning is learning, eh? Even when it tastes yummy.

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