A New Duvet

So the older girl in the house decided she was ready to update the color scheme in her room. And has chosen a new favorite color. Gah! She's been the purple girl for as long as I can remember, while the other girl in the house has always been the pink girl. It was easy that way, one pink one purple. But one day she says to me, ya know, I think I like blue and green now, I'm tired of purple. Sigh, my girl is growing up. And don't think she doesn't know it.

So, in an attempt to convert her over to more mature colors, we decided to start with her bedding. She's had the same sheets since she converted to a big girl bed (sigh, was she really a toddler once? Why don't I remember that?) and they were looking pretty ragged so I asked her what style she was interested in. Well, naturally she was all about the peace sign. But the Googles didn't produce much in the way of cool peace sign sheets and I'm not one for shopping at malls and whatnot, so I suggested we get plain colored flannel sheets (which just happened to be on sale at Target for $12 a set) and focus the peace sign on the comforter instead. She agreed. So we bought a lovely shade of green. And once again I hit the googles looking for a blue (aqua) comforter with peace signs on it. We found some that we liked but they were out of our price range, so I suggested, as per usual, we make our own.

I'm so happy to have girls who don't roll their eyes every time I make such a suggestion. They'll get there eventually, I'm sure, but I'm gonna enjoy these last few years of them actually wanting to be a part of the DIY process. So here's what we decided to do. We bought a second set of these $12 flannel sheets, but in a queen size (she has a full size bed) and in the aqua color. I laid the top sheet outside and poured bleach on it in the shape of a peace sign. With the dog standing guard should any cats or bunnies attempt to thwart our creative workspace. But don't be fooled, he wanted to jump on that sheet sooooo bad.
I didn't really attempt to be orderly or neat about this process. The idea was a tie-dye effect, so I allowed drips to run and splash over. Thank goodness, cuz neatness is not one of my gifts. Well, technically I guess it's not so much neatness as it is patience. Whatever. 

Once the top sheet was dry, I cut the fitted part out of the bottom sheet, and sewed the two together (right sides facing) on 3 sides to create a duvet. And let me tell you, this was not easy. Well, the sewing part was easy, but we live in a fairly small house so finding a space big enough to lay a queen sized sheet completely flat so I could pin it up was enough to make one completely insane. Every time I laid the dern thing out something was blocking at least one edge causing it to fit just crooked enough. And as soon as I did manage to get it straight enough to at least start pinning, a dog or cat would come jump on it or under it and mess the whole thing up. Seriously. It was like a game to them every time I laid the thing out. And is also why I don't have pictures.

I nearly gave up on at least 3 different occasions, and much cursing went on as to why I torture myself this way and why couldn't I just be a normal person and just buy a new already sewn up duvet cover. It would have made that week go soooooo much easier. But alas, I finally managed to get it sewn (and yes, on the underside there are open slits on each corner where the fitted part was cut out - we both were ok with this as we felt like it was nice to have the old purple comforter peeking thru and it adds to the homemade quality of the thing, but if I had to do it over again I would have used two standard sheets. But that would have cost more money, and I was looking at new sheets and a new duvet cover for the girl for less than $30 and didn't want to blow it. I was on a mission).

We stuffed the old purple comforter inside the duvet and I sewed colored ribbons along the opening to tie it all up. I even sewed ribbons to the comforter on the inside so it could be tied with the duvet cover. I hate when the inner part of the duvets slip around inside so this solves that problem and keeps the top opening more neat and tidy. In the pic below you can see the two aqua sides of the duvet are tied to the inner padding, which is the old purple comforter.
The girl is happy, so in the end I'm glad it worked out, despite the headaches it may have caused. Very little money was spent and she has a great conversation piece laying on her bed. And, as an added bonus, because we used soft flannel sheets, all the animals fight over who gets to sleep with her at bedtime. Perhaps I need to make a few critter beds for them, too.

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