Mummies and More

After our children's store closed last year we had lots of educational kits left over that we weren't able to sell in time. One of them just happened to be a kit for making mummies. Little did I know 10 months later I'd be homeschooling, studying mummies and such, in need of such a kit. So when project time came around during our Egyptian studies, we ripped that sucker open and worked our way thru.

We assembled and painted a cardboard pyramid, using paint mixed with sand, to give it the texture of limestone bricks.

Then the girls mummified the little skeletal dude that came with the kit. And the tomb. And set it in the sun to dry.

They gave the tomb a coat of gold paint and added stickers and other various embellishments, and laid the mummy dude to rest. Actually, I like to think it's a she...perhaps it's Queen Hatshepsut herself. RIP little lady dude.

I feel like we could have done alot more with our Egyptian studies. But since we're still babystepping into this whole new world of homeschooling, I feel like we did OK for a first run. I have to admit, the unit studies intimidate me a little, so I stayed away from going too far in depth, but I did find some neat lapbook ideas during my google searches that I think we'll check out and work on for our next major history section. I'm inspired! Plus, it's fun.
And FYI, the name of the kit we used is called Mummies and More, by Creativity for Kids. Good stuff, and kept the attention of both the 1st grader and the 4th grader.

Up next, those naughty Greeks!

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