Library Day; and His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut

Our library haul this week. We're still working thru Egypt. Though we're finally in New Egypt, which means King Tut and Queen Hatshepsut are on deck. I actually find Hatshepsut a rather fascinating gal so I picked up an extra book on her. Next week we move on to more Bible stories regarding Moses and Jonah so I picked up a few reference books along those lines, along with a few videos of King Tut and the pyramids. I even threw in a theater book. What can I say, it's winter.
And for myself: The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Interpreter of Maladies, and....Radical Homemakers...Hey, I'm at least consistent with my inconsistencies.

The girls are still working thru a combination of library books and on-hand chapter books. We definitely check out more than we finish, but at least we give it a go. We've decided to also start reading together as a family, so I picked up a copy of Little Women to start with. Not sure how the man will feel about it, but it's something I think us gals will enjoy reading together. Maybe we'll let him pick the next book. Maybe.

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