A Farmhouse

Our Vermont Farmhouse. It started out in a flat box filled with bits and pieces.


Amazing what a difference a little glue can make to a bunch of bits and pieces.

And all those bits and pieces needed to be painted. By hand. 

Thankfully I had good helpers. Each piece required 3 coats. Each little window frame, each piece of trim, the shutters, the railing...even the main house. After a while it started to feel a bit like remodeling a real house. Sigh. If only.

Now for the inside...staining wood floors, laying carpet, painting walls, hanging wallpaper...

 And strangely, every time I got one floor finished, furniture would suddenly appear in the room.

But, but...the kitchen's not finished I would say, I still need to put in the windows and doors and baseboards and paint the ceiling and...is that a chicken?

And on that note...more to come.

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