The Farmhouse Part II

 The house building continues...the man took on the job of gluing the shingles on. And we decided to convert the front porch roof into a second story balcony instead. We'll have to do a search online to find more posts and porch railing, but I think it gives the house some character, and well, that's what we would do if we were building a real house.

The shingles took some time. And still need to be stained. Once the doors and windows were installed, and the trim painted...

I decided to add some flowers to the flower boxes.
Pretty. If only my flower boxes could look like that. Wait, do I have flower boxes?

So, here's how the inside is looking. Most of the rooms have wallpaper, which is basically scrapbook paper that is decoupaged on. I also put a second layer of decoupage on top of the paper to seal it.

The girls wanted carpet in the bedrooms, so we put carpet over the hardwoods. I'm told these are the Pre-Teen rooms, hence the rock star guitar and dorm-room style bedding. Truth is, we haven't had a chance to purchase furniture for the house and decided we would find pieces over the year, rather than all at once. We also want to buy as much used or vintage as we can, so for now the girls moved in all the furniture that came with their Little Pet Shop critters and other various dollhouse items we've had from previous houses. We'll be knitting up some rugs and sewing up bedding and pillows soon. And I think some curtains are in order.

This is the nursery. Ya know, for the baby critters.

I think this is a study of some sort. Looks like this poodle is claiming it.

The kitchen needs some work. I'm sure the animals don't mind their toast coming from a wheelbarrow, but I'm thinking some sort of countertop/sink area is in order. At least the chicken is still around.

Note the key to the front door on the mantle. It's a sweet cozy little home. For animals. And someday if our kiddos have kiddos of their own, they can pass along this cozy little animal house on to them.

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