Eggshells and Potatoes

We're still working our way thru a few different arts n crafts books we picked up from the library. One project involved learning to mix colors and paint in gradients...and involved using potatoes as stamps.
It was such a pretty day, we decided to move the project outside. The girls were quite proud of their sailboat paintings. 

Another project involved eggshells. We drew images onto cards made from construction paper and glued crushed eggshells on the cards. (I collect eggshells whenever I can for my tomato plants, the compost bin, for craft projects, and the rest I grind up into bonemeal for our homemade cat food). Once the glue was dry we painted the shell pictures.

We try to only eat farm eggs now but I still keep the shells whenever I can. This particular bag of shells I've had in the pantry for over 2 years, just waiting for the right project. The girls decided they would mail their completed cards to their two grandmothers. A yellow finch (on pink) for their Nana, who adores those little yellow birds.

And a turtle swimming in a stream for their Grammy who lives on a river in Colorado.

And a pretty butterfly we worked on together, to hang on our art wall.

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  1. what a neat art project. and the finished product? beautiful! great job girls (and mama. see? i knew you'd rock this homeschool thing.)