One Day Last Week

Last week was a big week for us in the world of homeschooling. We had worked our way up to a point where we were ready for some experimenting in several subjects, namely: art, science and history.

For our first art lesson we worked on blending primary colors. I must admit, I actually kinda enjoyed this one myself. The girls want formal art instructions and since art classes are expensive, and their Pappa is an artist by trade, I thought maybe I'd get them to a point where he could take over. So, we're working on blending colors, creating backgrounds, and drawing from still life. But first, we blend.

For science, we did 10 different experiments about weather: air pressure, frost, cloud formation, rain, wind, etc. This was our super duper fancy a jar.
And this is rain in a jar. Hey, whatever works.

For history, and since we're studying ancient history, I buried items in a certain part of the yard and the girls had to create an archeology site out of it and tag and bag the items they found. Gee, what does this say about our culture? I should have had them bury a cell phone and TV remote control.
Their favorite activity was building a pre-historic shelter for their Webkinz. Don't worry little bunny, I'm certain this will keep out woolly mammoths and freezing rain.

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