Library Day

So here's what's going back to the library this week (minus a few arts n crafts books we haven't finished working thru, and a few fox books the older gal hasn't finished reporting on). The middle grayish area is a stack of magazines I'm returning. We have a magazine exchange at our local library, which I've recently become addicted to. Some days magazines are about all I have time to flip thru and I love that I can borrow them for a few days (and many of them are current!) and return them. Or keep some and exchange out some of mine I no longer want. I'll miss our little library when we move. Hoping our new city (wherever that may be) will have a library with a magazine exchange. If not, I guess I'll just have to start my own.

As you can see, we're finishing up our history lessons on Mummies, Pyramids, and Ancient Egypt. The girls are excited because returning the books means it's project/activity time! Which means this week we're wrapping mummies and making model pyramids...I'm telling ya, nothing says holidays like mummification.

More on that later...

And BTW, The Vegan Table (towards the top of the stack) is awesome! I'm returning it because I have to (sob) but it's now on my Amazon Wish List. I've poured thru a mess of veggie cookbooks this past year...some I loved and some not so much...this one is definitely a keeper.

So, off to the library we go...icebergs, the Old Testament, and a few books to read at Christmas (Wally Lamb's Wishin' and Hopin', A Christmas Carol, and Christmas in Camelot) await us.

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