Handmade Christmas Part II

Success! Now that I've finally learned to knit on double pointed needles (which involved me staying up till 2am several nites this week watching online tutorials and pouring thru several children's knit books...and consuming lots of gluehwein) I can make fingerless gloves like all the other cool mamas (AKA arm warmers AKA hand warmers AKA glove thingy's). The girls are each getting a pair (they picked out the yarn they wanted). And I'm so excited about them I've decided to make myself a pair (or two) and will bookmark this project for next year's gift giving (considering its taken me 3 days to get 2 pairs made and included me constantly yelling at the kids to stop talking to me, I'm trying to CONCENTRATE! -  I don't think I'll get too many done this year). But next year - it's on.

The yarn pile beckons.

I also made a few wine bottle covers made from recycled shirts for a few of my wine lovin' friends.

And the girls got a quick sewing lesson on how to make catnip toys for the feline critters. For this, we stuff catnip and batting (or old socks or plastic bags or cut up tshirts) into little pillows sewn out of the leftover fabric from the shirts. Easy-peasy. And the cats love them...almost too much. They roll around on these pillows for days and days, drooling uncontrollably. It's almost embarrassing. Some apple-cinnamon dog biscuits for the pup, which we'll bag up and hand out to our fellow dog lovin' friends, and I think that about wraps it up for our home-made Christmas for this year. Yay! Now if I can just survive having family in the house for 4 days. Time for more gluehwein!

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