A Christmas Fort

It's always nice when a fort pops up in the middle of the living room. I never seem to know when this fort-building mood is going to strike them. It seems to just appear at random, but I'm sure in their mind it makes sense somehow. I'm guessing this particular fort invasion was related to the Christmas tree going up, since, ya know, the fort was connected to it and all. In fact, a request was made for the old guy to just go ahead and leave the presents in the fort this year, instead of under the tree. Ahem, no? Thankfully the fort was dismantled after about a week in service, and I have my living room back in one piece...and Santa doesn't need to worry about adding fort-crawling to his resume.

I remember making lots of forts when I was a kid. Some with my brothers, but many times I would make them by myself in my room...that's where I liked to hide out and read my Nancy Drew books. As much as I complain about the fort taking up what little floor space we have (and my having to crawl over chairs to get to my desk), it is kinda fun to know my little monkeys are enjoying it as much as I did back in the day. Long live The Fort!

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