Thru the Lens

I recently was the winning blog poster-er over on Peculiar Momma's site. My prize was this really cool old Brownie Hawkeye camera. Before finding Miss Peculiar, I had never heard of TtV photography. But after strolling thru her pics I found myself completely mesmerized - and secretly envious. I studied photography in college for a bit, and for several years I even had my own dark room. I loved the graininess of the pictures and the black outline that framed each scene as they came out of the developer.

So when I saw the pics created by these old cameras...and then one fell into my lap...well, it was just meant to be. TtV means Through the Viewfinder. Basically, you take an old camera and line up thru its viewfinder what image you want to photograph...then hold your digital camera (set on digital zoom) over the image showing in the viewfinder, and take the picture. So, it's a digital picture of what is seen thru the lens of the old camera. Complete with graininess and black sketchy outline! It's just grand, isn't it? And no darkroom chemicals needed!

You'll see these photos pop up from time to time around here on Gypsy Meadows (along with lots of other crazy wild silly random photos); I'm still learning how to manage holding two cameras still while the dogs and kiddos run amuck and the sun spits out glare spots, but photography in general has a continuous learning curve so I'm good with the oops, as well as the ahhhs...and I hope to get my hands on a few more of these old cameras. Peculiar Momma sells them in her Etsy shop. Hmmmmmm....

*top photo credit goes to Peculiar Momma...go visit her site, it's wonderful!

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