Naughty Bunnies

So last nite I'm, ahem, working at my desk, and I hear what sounds like a baby bird squealing in the backyard. I dismiss it thinking it's a bird thing and nothing to be concerned over. But then I hear it again. And again. I tell the girls I think a baby bird must have fallen from a tree, or is being mauled by one of our, ahem, sweet cats - maybe we should go see. Well, they were busy playing and clearly not interested in dying baby birds. But I heard the sound again and decided maybe it was a bunny and not a baby bird. I didn't think bunnies could make those kinds of noises, but then again, what do I know about bunnies?

I had a bunny when I was little. My dad made it a nice cage out in the yard. It chewed thru the wire and escaped into the nite. Much like our recent last two outdoor bunnies did. That's the extent of my bunny knowledge.

So, this baby-bird bunny noise was something all-together new for me. Thumping I get, but squealing?

The girls were finally convinced and grabbed their flashlights and went into the dark back yard to investigate. Well, it was all of 30 seconds later when the older gal came running in bawling her eyes out saying, "The raccoon got my bunny! The raccoon got my bunny! Peanut Butter is gone -  he's been eaten!"

Oh my. That's not what I was expecting to hear. I suddenly had this image of a raccoon, with his bandit mask, tip-toeing out the back fence with a rabbit under his coat. I was both horrified and fascinated. Horrified mostly that my daughter saw this happen...oh, the nightmares this poor child would forever have of her beloved bunny being carried off by the boogie-coon.

Well, after a brief line of questioning while the rest of the family scrambled to put on shoes, she finally admitted she didn't actually see the raccoon but her bunny's cage was broken open at the bottom and her bunny was gone. We grabbed our flashlights and took off to see what we could find. Hoping dearly we weren't going to find a half-eaten pet. We flashed the lights around the fence line a bit and finally found the poor guy nibbling near a clover patch. Off in the distance were the cats and the pup just waiting for the signal - just say the word and we are on it...we'll tear this bunny up! Or not...whatever you want. Well, we scooped poor Peanut Butter up (after a brief chase) and brought him inside along with his housemate, Graham Cracker (just in case it was a raccoon that opened up the cage). Both were fine, just completely terrified.

Now, I should add here that I'm the one who built this secure little bunny coop. Adapted it, actually. I wanted the bunnies to have a two-story townhouse instead of just a small apartment. Apparently the little critters are too smart for me and managed to figure out how to, shall we say, open the back door. And I apparently, should stick to knitting and baking bread and leave the construction to the man. So be it.

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