Library Day

So now that we're officially homeschooling at our tiny little 1-room 2-desk Gypsy Meadows Academy, our library days are, well, a bit more intense. We've decided (for now, and until my head explodes or my threats to teach from the closet actually start to materialize) to follow The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home for our curriculum. The style of teaching recommended in TWTM is a form of self-study that I think my girls will enjoy keeping up with, and I love the progression thru time and how it relates and ties in with literature, geography, history and science. With the girls being just barely into 1st and 4th grade, I've decided to start them both at the beginning with the Ancients (5000 BC - 400 AD). Susan and Jessie (the mother/daughter author team) suggest starting the Ancients in 1st grade, repeating again in 5th and 9th. Since the 4th grader has had very little ancient history studies, it'll be easiest just to teach them the same history, geography, and literature together, though the older one will be required to read more challenging books and offer more narration and reflection on level with her grade.

So, Ancients it is! Exciting! I love me some 'real' mythology. Now, where's that Mythology for Dummies book I had back in college...

So, our library trip this week resulted in (childrens versions of): The Odyssey, Favorite Greek Myths, Hercules, King Midas, Theseus, The Trojan Horse, and The Iliad.

And a couple of books on bee keeping and chickens (hey, it's not all about the monkeys)

And in case you're curious, the history/geography book we're using to supplement the literature is the one suggested in TWTM, which was also written by the same author, Susan Bauer, and suggested for grades 1-4 (and as a supplement to grades 5-6): The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child: Volume I: Ancient Times

So that covers literature, history, and we just need to line up math, grammar and science! Gah!

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