Biscuits and Eggs

So this is Eggs. He's a big old dude. When we adopted him his name was Derrick. We were also adopting an older cat the same day named Bacon. At some point while we were hanging out in the meet-n-greet room getting to know the cats we decided Derrick and Bacon just didn't work. So we changed his name. And brought home Bacon and Eggs, instead. He also goes by Eggy, Eggy-poo, Eggy-Beggy, Dude, Bubby, Bubby Wubby, Big Fat Lazy Cat...

Speaking of Big Fat Lazy Cat.. It worries me when I see him lying on the floor in this position. I usually tip toe over and poke him in the belly to make sure he's still breathing. I mean, really, legs straight up? How can that be comfortable?

Oh, yea, he's fine. Ahhhhhh, sunshine.

And this is Buttons. AKA Biscuit, Pup, Pup-a-doo, Bubbles, Puppy Wuppy, Lil Man, Bud.

He's a happy protective sweet pup. We adopted him from an older lady who was in an assisted living apartment. She fell and broke her hip and shoulder one day and had to be moved to a nursing home indefinitely. The nursing home didn't allow pets so her beloved pup had to go. She loved the little guy. She made homemade clothes for him and rocked him to sleep. You could tell he missed her.

We happily took the lil man in and couldn't love him more. His biggest problem now is deciding who to sleep with at night. Some nites he spends a few hours in each room...he snuggles on your pillow and gives goodnite kisses. He watches over everyone, including the cats and the bunnies. (And sometimes takes the best spot on the couch - move over will ya!) He'll be a great protector on the farm...even if he is a bit on the short side.

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