Behind the Gypsy Meadow

Welcome to my little nook in the blogging world. My passion for writing has brought me here. Along with a need to vent, and occasionally talk about my obsessions with jug wine and chickens. I was once a beautiful fair maiden with long flowing curly red hair, youthful skin, skinny jeans, and excessive amounts of free-range energy. No, really. OK, fine, but I did at least have curly red hair. Then I had kids and it turned into something wiry and unrecognizable. And I haven't seen those skinny jeans since college.


So, I'm Stacey. A self-proclaimed writer and vintage mama who loves all things junky, old, weathered and worn. I keep a camera on my desk or in my backpack...always. I love stealing moments. I love remembering stolen moments. I have a thing for chickens...and pigs. I dream of pigs. And since we're being honest here I might as well add I've been told I'm old-fashioned, naive, sentimental, sarcastic (I call it witty, but whatever), rebellious, and annoyingly stubborn - maybe that's why I drink wine by the jug. And maybe that's why I dream of pigs. Some mysteries just can't be solved.

I'm a work-in-progress. And probably silently suffering from some sort of mid-life crisis. But I've also been told I'm a survivor and I appreciate risk taking - sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed but you'll learn something either way - and that's the part that helps us grow - and that's the wisdom I hope to pass along to my kiddos. I have a passion for people who put themselves out there and take risks - for those who stand up for the little guys, and consistently make unselfish choices when they can. I learn from those people; they inspire and give hope and are vital in our world.

I also like historical memoirs, autobiographies, and anything with the words pasture, harvest, home-steading, beer-garden, solitude, sanctuary, vegetarian, self-reliance, Ireland, adventure, hiking trails, festival, pub, local, do-it-yourself, beach, cottage, vineyard, or Thoreau in it.

I collect books and degrees and have yet to determine what I want to do with my life but I know I'm getting close. And for now, that's good enough. In grad school I dreamed of writing screenplays and books (and still have a few ideas bouncing around in my head, along with a lot of dusty marbles), I dream of getting two paragraphs written without some sort of mental breakdown. Life's funny that way.

These are my ramblings and musings of our life transitioning out to pasture - as we gather hens, bunnies, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigs, sheep, goats, donkeys and maybe a cow or two - as we learn how to homeschool and garden organically and sustainably (those go hand in hand, in case you didn't know) - build barns and coops - and free-range our lives a bit - I'll do my best to share a bit of that gypsy journey with you.

Wheeee, life's an adventure, allright! Enjoy the journey, folks.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails!


  1. This is a really good description of you and I affirm, you are a writer! I love this blog!

  2. Wow, with that kind of intro, I'm hopping on to follow for a while. Looking forward to reading lots more. :)

  3. Great intro. I would make one correction. You "are a work of art in progress". Enjoy the adventure!